First 30 minutes distant Reiki session for FREE, all subsequent sessions £5 (30 Minutes)

What is Reiki?

In very simple words Reiki is a healing method using the universal life force energy to activate the natural healing process of the body, mind and soul.

Reiki is a beautiful experience, where your body gets a chance to relax, bringing peace to your mind and balance to your soul.

It is non-invasive complementary therapy and can be used on its own or to support orthodox medicine.

Reiki is a universal, graceful and compassionate energy.

Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is for anyone, any age, any size or shape. Reiki is not attached to any religious philosophy.

What to expect?

During Reiki you will receive a gentle empowerment of energy that will be channelled through my hands to different parts of your body. You may experience different sensations including warmth, cold, tingling or seeing different colours. Equally you may not feel these things but you will enjoy the relaxation the therapy brings.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki heals on a deeper level bringing tranquility to your body, mind and soul. It has many benefits and can be used to reduce symptoms of:

Stress & Anxiety, Insomnia, OCD, Depression, Pain, Hormonal Imbalances, Toxic Symptoms, Fatigue, Grief, Trauma, Immune Disfunction.

Distant healing

Distant healing works on the same principle as in person Reiki session. You will receive the same amount of healing and the same benefits like you would in the face to face session. All you need to do is at the agreed time find a quiet space and relax and meditate.

About Me

I am a Reiki Practitioner – this means I am attuned to Level 2 and I am qualified to offer in-person and distance Reiki therapy sessions.

My lineage traces back through my Master to Dr Usui.


It is recommended to have at least 3 Reiki sessions to receive the full benefit. You may wish to continue these sessions on a regular basis.

Initial Consultation & Reiki Session£35 (1 Hour)
Reiki Session£30 (45 Minutes)
Reiki & Indian Head Massage£40 (1 Hour)

Block Booking Discount

3x Reiki Sessions£80* (45 Minutes each)£26.67/session
10x Reiki Sessions£2408 (45 Minutes each)£24/session
3x Reiki Sessions with Indian Head Massage£105* (1 Hour each)£35/session
10x Reiki Sessions with Indian Head Massage£330* (1 Hour each)£33/session
*Initial consultation required separately

BOOKINGS – To Book, please contact me by phone, email, Facebook or Instagram.

Weekend and evening bookings available